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We undertake all types of motor claims investigation which requires authentication of all documents to rule out fraud and exaggerated of claims.

We are specialized in :


We undertake the following survey and investigation.







Marine protection is a remarkable field requiring expert mastery to deal with claims capability. We in Optimum Zolution perceive that expert mastery is expected to get the best result for our clients and have the right team and experts in marine survey and investigation.

We offer marine loss survey which is a unique field requiring specialised expertise in handling the claims. We at Optimum Zolution have the right team and skills to attend to the survey and investigation.

Elevator & Escalator

On a technical level, we frequently consult by evaluating an elevator insurance policy to ascertain what is and isn’t covered and comparing it to any incident that may have occurred. We may act as impartial elevator insurance experts to provide assistance with everything elevator in the event of an elevator insurance claim or potential elevator insurance dispute.

Common causes associated with elevator accidents include :

Common causes associated with escalator accidents include :

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